OxyGo NEXT Portable Oxygen Concentrator

One of the most powerful, lightest and quietest concentrators available today!

Its ground-breaking size and battery life have never been seen before at this high of an oxygen dose, and it is setting the standard for portable oxygen concentrators. OxyGo NEXT has user-replaceable batteries, sieve beds and an easy to read LCD display with simple controls. And it can be charged at home or on the go – giving you the freedom to embrace what’s NEXT!

  • Designed for 24/7 use
  • Only 4.7 lbs with a single battery (5.7 lbs with a double battery)
  • Up to 13 hours of battery life with a double battery on Setting 1
  • 5-year warranty (excluding certain parts that require easy routine maintenance)
  • Quiet Operation – at just 38 decibels at Setting 2

OxyGo NEXT comes with:

  • Standard 6.5 hour battery (at Setting 1)
  • Car and wall charger
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap
  • OUR PRICING: $2,495.00

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required