JC Home Medical’s team in Jacksonville answers questions about medical supplies

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I don't feel any oxygen, what do I do?

If using humidifier bottle check to see that it is screwed on properly. If it is checking tubing for kinks. If further difficulty persist please contact our office

My concentrator won't turn on. What do I do?

Try plugging your concentrator into a different outlet. If further difficulty persists please contact our office.

Is oxygen addictive?

No, it is not.

How long will I have to be on oxygen?

Oxygen is prescribed for many diagnoses. Some patients, such as those who have been found to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), will require oxygen for the rest of their lives. Your doctor is the final authority on how long you will need the therapy.

How much does my oxygen therapy cost me?

That depends on your insurance. Medicare covers 80 percent of the Medicare allowable, as long as the oxygen is deemed medically necessary by your doctor. Insurance companies differ on the amount of coverage. Your monthly rental cost should be on your work order. If it is not please contact our office.


Are carrying bags available for tanks?

Yes, we do offer bags with shoulder straps for our patients or for private purchase.


How often does Medicare pay for a new nebulizer?

Medicare will pay for a nebulizer once every 5 years.

How often am I allowed to have new Nebulizer Kits?

Once monthly. Please call into the office for resupply and they will be mailed to you.

Machine is not operating.

The plug might not firmly plugged into the electrical outlet. Check that the plug is plugged into the outlet.

What do I do when the medication does not mist?

Medicine cup might not be properly assembled or might be not clean. Clean and disinfect the medicine cup. Reassemble the cup, ensuring that all parts are present, assembled correctly, and the air supply tubing is securely attached to both the cup and nebulizer. If the medication still does not mist, the medicine cup needs to be replaced.

What do I do when the medication is leaking out of the medicine cup?

The cap might be loose or not threaded on correctly. Reassemble the medicine cup and ensure that the cap is on straight and tightened securely.

What do I do when the machine is not producing enough flow?

The filter might be dirty and needs to be replaced.


My insurance has already paid for my walker. Will they also cover the cost of my wheelchair?

Most insurance will cover both items. However Medicare will not cover similar or duplicated items (i.e they will not cover a walker and a rollator).

I received a wheelchair 2 years ago. When can I get a new one?

Medicare will cover a new wheelchair, rollator, or walker every 5 years.

My 3-in1 commode does not fit on my toilet.

You may need to remove the seat of your stationary toilet so that the 3-in1 commode may fit over it.