Mediven Compression Stockings

Fit every lifestyle with Medi’s expansive product options – the comprehensive product lines are always at the cutting edge of development:

Sheer & Soft:

Transparent compression designed for women. The Sheer & Soft compression stockings are one of the sheerest medical compression tights available today.

  • Knee-high, Thigh-high, Pantyhose
  • Compression: 15-20, 20-30 & 30-40 mmHg


The most comfortable compression stocking in it’s class. Mediven Comfort guarantees optimal wearing comfort and particularly easy application and removal – all without sacrificing medical efficacy.

  • Knee-high, Thigh-high, Pantyhose
  • Compression: 15-20, 20-30 & 30-40 mmHg

Comfort Vitality:

Luxurious patterned knee-high socks for men and women. Herringbone-ribbed design for a classic look with any wardrobe.

  • Models: Knee-high
  • Compression: 20-30 & 30-40 mmHg

For Men Classic:

The new Mediven For Men Classic compression socks feel soft, smooth and supple. In addition to the ultra-modern ribbed design, the highest value placed on comfort.

  • Models: Knee-high
  • Compression: 15-20, 20-30 & 30-40 mmHg

For Men Select:

Mediven For Men Select delivers both casual fashion and function, while providing accurate medical compression in a stylish dress sock that can be worn all day.

  • Models: Knee-high
  • Compression: 15-20, 20-30 & 30-40 mmHg


The Mediven Active compression socks for active men and women are robust, hard wearing and barely recognisable as a compression sock due to its fine ribbed look and many practical features.

  • Models: Knee-high
  • Compression: 15-20 & 20-30 mmHg


Powerful compression stockings for greater edema control. Soft, yet durable fabric provides superior support.

  • Models: Knee-high, Thigh-high, Pantyhose, Maternity tights
  • Compression: 20-30, 30-40 & 40-50 mmHg


Medi’s strongest round knit support for superior edema control offering maximum stability and stiffness for a deep functional effect. Extremely hard wearing, seamless material for optimum wearing comfort.

  • Models: Knee-high, Thigh-high
  • Compression: 30-40 & 40-50 mmHg


Manufacturer Note: Rx Required