Edema and fibrosis pads

SwellSpots™ are professionally designed treatment pads that tuck into garments or under bandages. Use them any time, day or night, to address particularly troublesome areas of edema, fill concavities, or diffuse pressure points.

Each SwellSpot is made to to address particularly troublesome areas of edema. Whether it is filling concavities, contouring over and around prominences, or just padding bony areas.

SwellSpots utilize the same core principles of fluid dynamics and lymphatic stimulation as Tribute™ and Caresia™ lymphedema products. When used with bandaging or compression garment protocol, SwellSpots’ unique foam particles nestle into tissue to create localized tissue stretch and pressure differential. This tissue stretch opens initial lymphatic gaps to encourage re-absorbtion of interstitial fluids and particles.

This means SwellSpots help break up fibrosis and move fluid where it needs to go



Manufacturer Note: Rx Required